St. Mark's Lodge No. 7

Prince Hall Free & Accepted Masons

est. 1852

2020 Trestleboard

Dates and times subject to change

January       7th    Business Meeting

                    17th-19th       Brotherhood Weekend

                    21st    Work Night (EA Degree)

 February   4th    Business Meeting

                    18th    Work Night (FC Degree)

                   23rd    District Black History Program

 March        3rd     Business Meeting

                   14th     MWPHGL Mid -Year Workshop

                   17th     Work Night                               

 April        4th    Spring Fish Fry  

                  7th     Business Meeting

                  21st     Work Night

                  24th-26th    Africa Lodge 459 Bus Trip (Boston MA)

 May           5th      Business Meeting

                  16th    Spring Street Clean up

                  19th     Work Night (EA Degree)

 June          2nd      Business Meeting (Esther Chapter visit St. Mark’s)

                   8th       St. Mark’s visits Esther Chapter

                  16th     Work Night (FC Degree)

                   21st    St. John’s The Baptist Day Observance

 July            7th    Business Meeting

                     9th -12th       Pythagoran/ Girls Assembly Grand Communications

                   18th    Joint Picnic with Ester Chapter

                    21st   Work Night (MM Degree)

 August         7th-11th    MWPHGLOH and Amaranth Grand Communications

                    28th – 30th    St. Mark’s Brotherhood Retreat

 September     1st   Business Meeting

                         5th   Fall Fish Fry

                       13th   Prince Hall Americanism Day

                       15th   Work Night (EA Degree)      

                       26th   Past Masters Breakfast

 October          3rd   Fall Street Clean up

                          6th   Business Meeting (JW Move Up Night

                        20th   Work Night (FC Degree) (SW moves up to WM and all line officers move up)

 November        3rd    Business Meeting

                        17th    Work Night (MM Degree)

 December       1st    Business Meeting (Election Night)

                        15th    Work Night

                        20th    St. John’s Day, Public Installation